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Highest Paid Public Employees1
1William "Bill" Johnson
TVA President, CEO
2Butch Jones
UT Head coach, football
3Ralph Rodgers
TVA EVP, General counsel
4Cuonzo Martin
UT Head coach, men's basketball
5Janet Herrin
1 Knox & Anderson counties; 2 Only incl. total direct compensation
Source: City of Knoxville, City of Oak Ridge, Knox Co. Public Building Authority, Knox County, Knox County Schools, TVA, Visit Knoxville, UT, Pellissippi State, Walters State and other public institutions. UT salary data is for system-wide employees in Knox & Anderson counties, usu. incl. base pay plus longevity pay. UT athletic salaries may incl. hosting & other compensation. All UT athletics funding, incl. coaches' salaries, is from monies generated by athletics' resources and not from appropriated funding by state of Tenn. or other university revenues. TVA info. incl. officers who were employed at end of FY 2014 (Sept. 30, 2014). TVA titles reflect position held at end of fiscal year. TVA salaries represent actual salary during FY2014, annual & long-term incentive awards, deferred compensation credits, grants from Exec. Long-Term Retention Incentive Plan, and awards under Performance Incentive Arrangements.
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